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July 06, 2010



My hubby's name is Chuck! And I like naming my things, too. My car's name is Russell, named after the cute little boy scout from the movie Up =)


I hate flakiness & I'm such a scheduler too! I can't stand when people go back on their word. & I also say sorry way too much. But, I think your eyes are pretty...I have blue & sometimes I wish they were just brown. Love yah!


I don't like soup either! The only exception is Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle soup! Haha. And at my aunt's wedding (over 10 years ago) there was this reallllly good cold soup! I wanna try gazpacho sometime though, I feel like I might like it. Well, I WANT to like it. Haha!

Oh man... I get upset when people bail on me too. It totally hurts your feelings!

I also say sorry way too much. I don't mean to!

And I'm terrified to drive! Ahhhhhh...

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