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November 10, 2010


Gwen Trahan

I know what you mean about feeling weird doing photoshoots around town. I do this a lot and I just finally decided that I didn't care what people think because this is what I went to school to do and most times they are really interested in what your concept is. I have even stopped traffic to get the perfect shot! lol I really love photography and I teach it too so if you ever want any project ideas let me know! :)
I'm excited to read about your progress!
<3 Gwen


WOW. I love your Passion for the Subject. And good luck on your online course. Im very excited to see future posts about your progress.
Im doing a Photography Degree at Uni in the UK, and I have to say that I LOVE IT!! So im really excited for you about begining this new process and really do hope you enjoy it :D and learn lots of new things.

If it help, I really lacked in confidence when I started, but now I have to say its alot better, which makes you even more driven to suceed.

Have Fun!!


I feel the same way about photography. I love it but I need to learn the basics in order to optimize my camera and improve my photos. What online class are you taking?

Jazmyn Alexandria

Aww I took a photography class in high school and I learned a lot of tips. My mom says I should go to school for it, but I feel you don't need a degree to say you're a good photographer or not. I don't have my DSLR anymore which sucks, but I'm hoping to get another one soon. I started out with a D40 too. Why do you think you're a Nikon girl. What didn't you like about Canon? I was thinking about giving Canon a shot, but I'm not 100% sure yet.


I'm excited about this series! I'm just getting ready to purchase my first ever DSLR camera (my present to myself for graduating in December!) and my photography knowledge is very limited!

nikon digital cameras

How a photographer can train his or her eyes to look just as a camera?

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