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November 09, 2010



Hahaha! I'm sorry, this is TOO funny! You're so cute. That happened to me & my bff way back when, except the mouse was running between us & she sorta almost crushed it while accidentally stepping on it. Mice are crazy! We ended up letting her brother take care of it. At home we sometimes happen across a carcass thanks to my cat who isn't afraid to crunch their heads in our presence. Ew. I hope your mouse problem gets fixed so you don't have to run down the hall screaming anymore! =)


I am terrified of mice. We had one at my apartment somehow and I freaked out. I couldn't even sleep in my room (and I kept saying RAT, because to me, it was HUGE!). It was maybe 4inches long and we caught it in a no-kill trap that can trap up to twelve!!
My aunt got it at a hunting store years ago.
Oh, but then killed it :/


Cruel my ass. If you don't kill it then its going to die inside a wall or something and STINK.UP. the whole office. Set traps, srsly.


If you catch it, send it to me! I think they are adorable :) I always thought it was hilarious when a mouse would come about because people would scream and run and I would try to catch it. I'm weird, I guess :)

Selena Slough

It’s amazing yet funny how such a small creature, like a mouse, can drive people crazy, screaming and running as if it will eat you alive! Despite being on top the food chain, once we’re cornered by these pests, we are thrown into survival mode and left with one choice: Call pest control. Let the professionals do their thing. It’s high time that you put an end to your headache and say good riddance to rats!

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