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December 03, 2010


Judith Cebreros

Good luck with the new diet. I've developed allergies the past few years as well and now I'm wondering if it has to do with what I eat. Keep us updated to see how that goes.

It's funny, my cousin became a vegetarian when she was young too when she found out what chicken nuggets were made out of.


Good luck! I was vegan for a big part of the year and I loved it!!! Kudos to you! <333


Good luck! I was vegan for two years, and it is still the diet that makes me feel best. Anyway, I saw in your last post that you thought you would no longer be able to have things like pizza or ice cream... Oh, girl. You do not even know. There is a whole world of vegan junk food out there, and it is DELICIOUS.

Might I suggest you get some Isa Chandra Moskowitz cookbooks from the library and have a go at hearty, vegan meals that don't really make you feel like you've given anything up? Vegan Brunch is my personal favorite of her cookbooks, but they are all good. She also supports one of the best online communities for vegans I've ever seen. Theppk.com. People of all dietary ilks are welcome as long as discussion is kept to veganism.

Also, vegans LOVE blogging about food. So, get ready for your blog reader to explode. C'est La Vegan, http://www.cestlavegan.com/, is an amazing one I just found last month.

I'm sorry this is so long. Veganism just kind of makes me chatty. I hope this info isn't too redundant and that you find the diet easy breezy!


Will and I have seriously considered becoming vegan. Since learning how close to death I was not even a year ago, I have researched different information and kept stumbling upon the therapies developed by Dr. Max Gerson. After reading more into it, I have decided that I am going to ease myself into the vegan lifestyle. I don't know how long it will take but I know it MUST happen for me to survive and live healthy. So, I guess I say all of this to say kudos on your decision and if you need someone to talk to about the frustrations of the allergy stuff, I am totally here for you. :)


P.S. Miss you tons and tons!!

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