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January 08, 2011



That's horrible! Thank goodness you saw through the scam and didn't fall into their trap. People can be so terrible :( Hope you feel better!


omg...i'm so glad you didn't send them anything!
I knew it was a scam in the 1st few sentences. There was actually a story about this VERY SCAM on "60 Minutes" not very long ago. Anyone who calls wanting money but won't provide ANY DOCUMENTATION or additional info is a scam artist...
How the hell did they have all your info???!!!


Eeew how creepy is that?? I'm glad you didn't fall for it... ♥


oh my gosh, that's so scary! i was watching a tv special the other night about people who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on scams where people call saying they've "won the jamaican lottery" or some other country! when people send the first check, the scam artists continue calling every week asking for more, and threatening the victims! i can't believe what goes on out there!


guh, good thing you didn't fall for that! So shady. In the past, i've tended to freak out in situations like this and just give my money away out of fear but now I know to think twice!

I wouldn't think that someone that knew that much about me would be a shyster, that's terrifying!


That's awful, I'm glad you didn't fall for it! Something similar happened with my parents. Someone called my mom with a story like that about my dad.. and they've been divorced for almost 20 years! She's in a different house with a different #, last name and everything. I don't know how in the hell the connection was made!


holy crap dude. that sucks.
definitely a violation of person info.
thank goodness you didn't fall for it.

Michelle Clement

Omg!! That's so scary! I'm glad you had a good head about you, on the phone - I would've been stammering like a dork...lol. Eeeks!


That is horrible! The same thing happened to my boyfriend's dad! They called him saying that he was arrested in Canada for poaching and to wire money to them. People on this planet can be crazy!!!

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