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February 01, 2011



Great list :) I love lists! Good luck to running 5 miles! As soon as it warms up a little here I'm going to start running again :) I like the 'wear only dresses/skirts for one week' idea. I once challenged myself to do that for an entire year-and did it!


the list sounds fun, your number four for me would be the other way around lol but i kinda hate jeans, more in love with leggings :/


I've been meaning to post my goals as well. I think it gives you a great accountability. I'm also on Nike+, add me! http://my.nike.com/Diana_


i love your goals! they are simple, but make a huge difference. i am going to start reading finny too. i need to go get it! you can do the running thing! you are awesome! can't wait for your blog a day.

miss kinsey.

Great goals!! I actually put that book on hold at my library, looks like an awesome book. I cannot wait to read it! :]



@Kimi: Hi Love! I have been meaning to send you and email. I miss you and want to chat with you soon. :)

@Diana: I was trying to add you, but my work computer sucks and it crash. ha! I will add you when I get home.

@Mindi: Wow! one year!! One week sounds really hard for me. I will make sure I take lots of photos :)

@eLousions: I really like leggings too. Every time I wear a dress I feel like my butt is showing (even when I have leggings on.)


Yay!!! Running is so great! Although I think riding your bike everywhere counts! =) What is this Nike+ thing?


I love the goals, in fact I have a similar goal of dressing up for work. And you are not alone in never spelling February correct; I suck at it as well :)

amy lapi

puh puh please share your plan for the year!!!

oh shoot

I dont know how to add you as my friend on Nike+


#1 = such a great idea!

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