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February 23, 2011



Happy to hear that the pain was nothing more then a pulled muscle (not pleasant but manageable). I also love big bags and don't think I would be able to settle for a small one.

Michelle Clement

Whew! I'm glad it was just a pulled muscle & not anything scary! And I'd have *so much* difficulty carrying a small bag - but you got lotsa cute stuff into yours! Love the RV underwear! he he.


Thankfully it was only a pulled muscle! Better safe than sorry. I know the feeling! My right shoulder blade is killing me but your mini purse looks about the size of my wallet.


Very nice photograph!


So that's the usual contents of a woman's bag, huh? Seems like make-up is a staple item, hehe. Have you ever wondered what's in a guy's bag? Well, it's about time that someone blogged about it. Check it out! Thanks. =)

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