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March 13, 2011


kinsey french.

Ow! So sorry about your neck pain, I hope it goes away long before 4-6 weeks. ♥ xo.


Ouch! I'm sorry, hope the pain goes away soon for you!!


Aw, love...feel better. I really hope it goes away fast. <3


I have had the exact same thing, not from carrying heavy bags though. But my neck pain in the past has caused terribly long headaches that seem to last a week or two, making it impossible to do anything enjoyable. But recently I have found that massage therapy greatly helped. ^__^


girl, get a wagon to pull, or one of those old lady carts!
take better care of yourself.

i wish i could advise you on better advice on taking care of your neck.


@Torilynn- I should try a massage. I just want it to go away.

@Diana- My doctor told me to get a rolling bag :( those are so ugly, but I guess it does not matter if it is for my health.

Thank you everyone!

Michelle Clement

Ugh - feel better!! That sucks! I used to get headaches from a little crookedness in my spine (caused by carrying bags on one shoulder in highschool) - my chiropractor fixed up the bones in my neck & they went away after a few sessions!! Try that, if your doctor says it's okay!


Use mineral ice! Yes, the blue stuff. Whoever made it deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Love your blog!

Gwen Knight

Ice is really a good first aid for neck pain. Did the pain spread on your shoulder too? Carrying heavy bags all the time could either hurt just your neck, your shoulders or both. Those 4 – 6 weeks time of recovery must’ve be really bad for you. Did you consider a massage or a therapy during those times?

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