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April 01, 2011



Can I go on beach walks w/ you? Please?! ;)


kudos to you on the goal setting!! I share with you the bicycle riding passion...I would love love love a vintage beach cruiser for around town :)


I can't believe that it's April already -- is the exact line I used in my last post. Gosh the time is running faster than ever, isn't it? Maybe I should start writing monthly goals as well.. do you think you're more productive that way?


Number 5 is the same problem i have. I am at uni, so when i am not inside at uni, i am indoors at home working and the only time i seem to go out is if i am doing photoshoots. luckily my project is based on an activity that happened outside anyways..but now the clocks have gone forward 1 hour, it stays lighter in the evening, and not once have i gone to the beach for a walk. it was almost a daily thing last year during this time of the year, but now, my evening are spent infront of a computer screen..i am actually rubbish.

But good luck with all of your goals :)
Im seeting myself some now, thankyou for sharing this.

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