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June 21, 2011



love the outfit! <3
and the weather is so damn hot.
it was 91* at our house last night at 6pm.
and we have no a/c.
it was a loooonnng night.


OMG! it was HOT at my house too last night. I slept on the couch with the back door open because my room was so hot.


Weird that Cat Power was so awkward... I'd love to see her live, but maybe now...not so much. She's one of my favorite to pop on vinyl though because of her raspy sultry voice. I hope you figure out how to pair those shoes so you're not having to go nude w/ not but your blue suede shoes! ;)

Emily Lo Cicero

those shoes are adorable, i've been looking for a pair like that for what feels like forever!

Lilly Panic

Hey Girl, I've added your blog to my blogroll, because I've been reading ist since the start and it always cheers me up. I would be happy If you added mine, too, but only if you like it! Have a nice day!


Nat @ Dear Little House

Good luck with the tattoo! I'm almost finished a back piece (well, not really almost finished... there are lots of spaces still!) and so far it has taken 41 hours!


41 hours?!?! that is crazy! Do you have photos?


Your blog is so cute! I will for sure be adding you to my blog roll!


Your outfit is too cute!


This is the second time I've heard someone mention how awkward a Cat Power show is, which is making me feel slightly better about the tickets I wasted a few years ago (the show got rescheduled, and then I had the new date wrong, so we missed the show). Maybe going would have put me off her music forever?


@Julia- I really was unhappy how bad that Cat Power show was. I really loved her and excited to see her.

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