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July 27, 2011



I downloaded Evernote a few months ago and I am still trying to figure out how to make it work for me. I tend to get overload with new ways to store idea and thoughts and I never master one method. In the end give up trying and go back to the pen and paper method. With that being said I plan to revisit my Evernote today and see what it can do for me :)

Oh, I also downloaded wunderlist this morning...kinda freaky that you are writing about it now.

oh shoot

I hear ya about evernote. it took me a long time to get it and now that I get it... I love it. It is kind of crazy that you just downloaded Wunderlist this morning.

Nat @ Dear Little House

I've heard that evernote is great, but I really, really love paper!

oh shoot

I really love paper and pen too, but because I am always on the go (on my bike) it gets really heavy for me to carry notebooks and everything else I need to have with me. :)


I'm so obsessed with trying & exploring new systems of organization and productivity! I was a pretty religious user of Evernote for a while, but a lot of what I was doing there I've migrated over to Google Docs. And I love Wunderlist not only for it's convenience and usability, but it's so darn good-looking!


I just got Evernote and Wunderlist...loving them both!


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