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July 01, 2011


Gwen Trahan

I think that your plan is awesome! You will figure it all out because you will be forced too, that's the way I always try to do things. I know you will get there because you are so determined!!! You should do another journal class to raise money! :) Good luck!!
Gwen Trahan

Nat @ Dear Little House

Sounds like you have been pretty sensible about developing the plan, good on you for taking the leap! I hope that everything goes well with it.


@gwen- thank you! I know that I will get there and I will get there this year. I just need to stay positive and work hard.

@Nat thank you! I can't wait to share my journey.


you go girl! just go with the flow. that's what i stuck to when i moved from chicago to SF area... you'll do just fine as long as you have back up money and know a person or two! :)


@Alexz You live in San Francisco? If you do lets hangout!!! I was going to blog your shop this week. I am really in love with that heart skirt.


the same feeling you have about NY, I have about SF! =) you are very inspiring!


So incredibly exciting! I'm moving super far away and very soon, so I know how daunting this task seems. But Keep a positive head on your shoulders and, yes, remember to breathe. Good luck with the move, Vivs!!


I love seeing your goals because they remind me to stick to mine (that I'm not the only person out here aspiring toward something). Congrats on setting up the plan, and just think, you'll get to be a New Yorker in time for Christmas!


It's encouraging to see someone going for such a big move! i have been putting off moving to my dream city for so long, and I hope to gain the courage you have and "just do it!" i wish you all the luck!:)

Michelle Clement

Oooh - such an exciting plan/month for you!! It can be a pretty scary thing to move to a new place alone, but there's no time like now! Everything will work out, and you'll find a read place and a job before you know it. :) Heavenly!

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