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July 08, 2011



This is so amazing!!! I have wanted to live in NY since I was a little girl. You are incredibly brave and I hope that the next few months go by smoothly.


You are inspiring! I'm totally going to write down my life the way I want it to be & see how far away from living I am... oh no, reality check. Also, I must visit you soon! Love you, you brave girl!


I'm so excited for you! I'll never regret my big move to NYC, and I'll be really looking forward to hearing about your experiences here. It really is the most magical place to be. And riding my bike makes it even better. Congratulations on the enormous decision! You've got this.


congrats on your decision. when you write you're only surviving and not living, that reminded me of myself when i was younger. i did do a huge move and it was life changing. NYC Is calling your name!!


Congrats!Ny is amazing i live here since may2010,if u need any info,tips,whatever email me.i live in brooklyn too!We could be neighbors lol

amy lapi

that's amazing! i am so proud of you. when i read your blog, i feel like you and i are soul friends. we have so much in common. i would love to move back to ny (where i call home) but for now i just visit as often as possible. maybe we could get together one day over christmas break? :) xo

suzanne k

so exciting!!!! good for you! congrats :)


i just want to tell you are very brave and if anyone can do this, you can. you are a truly inspiring person, no matter what you do. new york will be awesome to have you and maybe someday i will come and visit you.

changes are scary, if you ever need a listening ear or anything - give me a call. love you bunches sugar!


hey, I'm taking Elise's class with you right now. Its exciting stuff... Anyway, I came over to visit your blog and I am totally impressed. I can't wait to see how your blog evolves by taking the class. Also, I live in NYC but may be moving later this year. I am excited for you, NYC is the best! If there is anything I can do to help out just let me know.


oh shoot

I hope that the next few months go smoothly too. right now I can't seem to find a place to live for 3 months. I will keep looking ;)

oh shoot

Let me know when you write out your life plan. It really is an eye opener. Love you!

oh shoot

I am so excited to finally live in the city I love so much. to be honest i am a little nervous to ride a bike in NYC. I know that I will do it bc I can't not have a bike. i will be back there in August for a week and I can't wait.

oh shoot

You know that I have been wanting to move for awhile. I am so excited. I will come down to LA before I move and we will need to have another girls day.

oh shoot

Oh thank you! I know that I will be emailing you... I would even love to have new friends when I move to NY

oh shoot

I would love to get together when you visit NY

oh shoot

Thank you!

oh shoot

Hi Love! I miss you so much. we need to chat soon. xoxo

oh shoot

I am really excited about Elise's class. I would love to chat about NYC. Thanks!

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