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December 02, 2011



Get it girl! <3

amy t schubert

Do you have an NYC blog friends that can help make the transition easier?
I'm in love with this writer, for example :

Good luck!!

oh shoot

You know I will... I just need a little push.

oh shoot

Hi have one blog friend in NYC... I wish that I had more. I guess that is something that I can work on ;) Thank you for the link. I love the blog :)


I'm feeling the same way right now. My bestie and I are desperately wanting to move to LA but horrified of being away from our family and moving our kids (she has a 7 yr old and I have a 13 and 1 yr old), It's so frustrating to want something so badly and at the same time be so scared of it. We have this printed and framed where we can see it to help encourage us. (Sorry it's a tumblr link.)


Sue May

Take the plunge, you're only young once and Manhattan is a city designed for the young. Everything else will fall into place, so set those insecurities and worries aside and just go for it. I had that window of living in the city and decided against it; it's bittersweet because I always think of what could've been but at the same time if I had gone,I would've never met my bf, so I guess it worked out for me in the end.
Just do it!


I can say that I absolutely love living in California again, this is my home, where I was raised and where I grew up. Although living in New York, going there, starting over, albeit I was only there for 2 years, was like I was coming into my own. I was able to conquer so many things while living in New York, whether big or small. In the short span of living in New York I can say definitely that I came to adore and love it and every day I want to move back (now all I have to do is convince my husband to move back there). I know it is scary, but an adventure none-the-less that you can totally conquer!I totally believe that you can do and succeed in the process! Just think of how far we have all come and how many challenges we have overcome, you will totally rock New York, just saying'
I also still have some friends who still live out there that I could send your way. :D

-missing you in socal


I moved to another state at the beginning of the year, too, and, I'm not going to lie, I miss it every day. I miss my home, and my family and friends but by being where I am now, a huge amount of opportunities have opened up for me that never would have if I'd stayed where I was.

New York City is the top of my 'to visit' list (although, that having been said, San Fran is pretty high up there too), and just think of the amazing adventures you are going to have! The good thing is with moving, is that you can always go back but while you are in NYC, so many amazing possibilities are going to present themselves. It's always nice to know that you have a home somewhere else to go back to.

Good luck with the move and the incredible new chapter in your life!

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