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January 25, 2012



LOVE IT! (well, them :)
I'm hoping to get going on my own sleeve this coming May when I take a trip back to my hometown (and to my fave tattoo artist) - yay!


I just love it! Both of them. I can't wait to see everything filled in & put together. The California looks amazing though. So great!


i love it. the font is great. excited to see your elbow coloured!

Amanda Rose Zampelli

You know what's funny? As much as I want to move to California, New York will always be my home. :P Cute tatts.

Dannelle @ Nest Enterprises

Fab body art, love it!

Michelle Clement

Ohmygosh, it's awesome!! (As are all the others!). Love the script it's in. too! :)


That 'California' tattoo is awesome!! I love it.

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