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January 04, 2012



This is great! I'm so going to take part in this but I really have to pick a great word. What's funny is that I used to drive a Focus & now I drive a Fit...it's like my cars tell me what I need to do. ;)

Hannah Alyse

Focus was a fabulous word choice! You summed up my goals perfectly. Best of luck to you with your focused future :)PS: I enjoy reading your blog, you have lots to offer and I appreciate that.

oh shoot

haha! I love that your cars tell you what to do ;)

oh shoot

Thank you so much! I am glad that you like my blog ;)


My word is positivity. I am starting a new job and leaving one that had me stressed and "awfulizing" on a daily basis. It's time to put away the cynical and bring out the positivity. I think focus is a great one too! Here's to one word changing a life!

Amanda Rose Zampelli

My word is 'movement'.
It chose me.
Blog post on it coming tomorrow. :)


My word is Discipline.
I should be more disciplined now so I'll achieve a lot of things this year! Yay! :)

Michelle Clement

Yay! :) I love your word. I feel like this year was an unfocused gong-show for me, at times...lol. I'm trying to pick a better, stronger word for this year then last years' 'flounder' (wasn't really my word, but that's what it felt like...lol). I'm thinking 'courage'? Anyhoo - wishing you bunches of focus for the new year!

Matthew Leanna

Me too! Nothing will happen if you just sit down and wait for something good to happen. You must strive hard in order to achieve the things you want. Every successful person strived hard and gave it 110% percent to achieve success, and we must do the same if we want to be successful like them.

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