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April 20, 2012



I need new lip gloss & a fun notebook! I MUST have with me my pens & a notebook, sunglasses & my knife. Haha, I know that's weird, but it's true! =)


hahaha... i can agree w/ all but the lip gloss. my family has this thing about flossing... we don't have a problem not flossing... i am so picky on what kind i purchase, lol. so much better than tooth picks. :)

Calandra Janocha

Just like you, dental floss is a must for me! I find it beneficial, as I am always on the go. The good thing about it is you can put in your pocket, and it can easily clean the sides of the teeth that brushing can’t reach. And this is definitely a must if you frequently see people. You don’t want to be seen having food stuck between your teeth, do you?

Lonnie Frandsen

Being always on the go, I also have things that I must have in my bag. I always carry my pocket toothbrush with me. It is kind of a travel toothbrush and toothpaste dispenser crammed up in a one small package that looks like a small pen. I like your dental floss! Keeping your teeth clean is a must for proper hygiene.

Darcy Losh

The stuffs that you carry on your bag are interesting! The only thing that we have in common is the dental floss. Like Lonnie, I also carry a pocket toothbrush with me. I feel incomplete without those two things in my bag! Anyway, oral hygiene is important because we never know who we’ll meet or talk to each day.

Randal Cole

You got a lot of stuff in your bag! Aside from dental floss, I also bring a mouthwash with me. I think these oral hygiene products are important and must be a part of our daily oral hygiene. Also, they are handy and don’t eat up too much space in our bag.

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