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April 17, 2012


Amanda Rose

This looks wonderful- especially the coffee!

Amanda Rose

Seriously Sassy Mama

I love the pictures. I would love to go to NY. I have never been.


I'm so glad you got to explore it like a New Yorker...kinda. ;) I LOVE your green pants & I must see more of them! Also, I must visit you when you move there. =)


i love seeing other peoples versions of nyc... it can be quite magical and make me want to set off to explore it all over again and other times you want to tell the tourists to get the *%&! out of the way cause they're walking too damn slow :)


your pictures made me think two very specific things: 1. I miss New York. 2. memories from when we met for drinks in New York, when you and Lauren were there at the same time.

Miss you tons! <3

Twinkie Chan

Your hair is getting so long!!

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