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May 03, 2012



This is a fantastic post! I really agree with you, its so hard to just leave everything in auto or P and just settle for mediocre shots because they're easy to produce. One of my goals this year was to take at least one 'good' picture a week - and it had to be shot in manual. Its disappointing at first whilst you're learning, but I can really see how its paying off now. That picture of your sister is absolutely stunning!


I love the idea of says "it's for school." I should really use that one if people ask. They usually don't...but just in case. I love your photography though & think that you are an amazing photographer! The more I learn from you, the better! & I know that if you start doing more work w/ photos outside of your comfort zone you're gonna become famous. Seriously.


I love your post. I need to start taking more photos in public and not feel "weird" about it. Thanks for being an inspiration. =)


Soooo true! I have mostly a fear of taking photos in public and self portraits. I never look in photos how I look in the mirror and I find this terrifying that the 'me' I think I am isn't the real me. Also, I have a fear of people judging me. Isn't that silly?

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