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August 15, 2012



You can do it!!!! Start....NOW! =)


Lazy Jane is special to me--when my daughter was 3, she picked up Where the Sidewalk Ends, saw this poem and lied on the floor and pretended to read this. Now, she's five and can read, yay! She recites this poem, now.

Good luck with your goals!


I definitely want to follow your advice...especially cutting social media out during the day and eating healthy. I don't want to be lazy either, and I need to stop selling myself short and worrying about what other people are doing and thinking.


I surely want to try this one out! 'Coz I must admit that I am suuuuuuperrrrrrr laaaaaaaazy! >.<

Philo Yan

We use the word Lazy so often that it reinforced our mind and the feeling of laziness will take over.

We have to stop using the word Lazy and begin to take the first step to start anything.


This sounds like a great plan! I will start first thing tomorrow bright and early!


wow...I thought I was reading about my life here. i should read this every morning when i wake up!

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